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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentine's Brownies

This year I had my first married Valentines.  :)  Valentine's day was only five days after our wedding so I told Tall Tan Man I would like to skip it this year {sorry honey I am not super woman...yet}.  Of course Tall Tan Man being the stud that he is made be a delicious dinner, and an even more wonderful dessert. 

He used this {Chocolate Coffee Brownie Recipe} and it was amazing.  One plus about this recipe is each serving only has 95 calories!  I wonder how many servings were in my portion?  haha Who cares? I'm married now... Just kidding.  :)   

Now I want to share my first baking experience with Tall Tan Man.  We were out in Tucson, Arizona for extended spring training {2008} and TTM decided he wanted to make me a birthday cake.   He went to the store, and found a recipe he thought I would like in a book.  Instead of buying the book he left himself a voicemail with the ingredients and directions.  There was one interesting ingredient... cocoa butter.  I did not know about this until TTM was gone to the store for a couple hours.  He was searching and searching for cocoa butter in the baking aisle {he went to multiple grocery stores}, and could not find it.  Finally someone suggested he go to the a health store and he found cocoa butter in the lotion section.               
When TTM got home he told me about this, and he was very confident that the ingredient was cocoa butter.  If you know TTM then you know sometimes you gotta let him do his thang.  He scraped out the cocoa butter into the batter {it did not come out too easy} and then baked the cake.  Let's just say it didn't quiet turn out.  The icing was fabulous, but the cake had a very strange texture...yes, I tried it.  

When TTM went back to the store he double checked the recipe...cocoa POWDER does sound a lot like cocoa butter.  :)  I love him.  Alright.  Sorry if I my ooey-gooey-I-am-so-in-love is making you sick... I CAN'T HELP IT!  Have a great rest of your week! 


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