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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DIY Wooden "Frames"

The craziest thing happened today.  I got hot.  I have been wearing my puffy coat for over 6 months now, and when I go into my car I started sweating.  This Texas raised girl did a little happy dance.  Tall Tan Man and I made these frames a while ago, and I am just now getting around to showing you them.  I first saw them on the {Love Grows Wild Blog} If I am being honest I loooove the frames, but I don't looove how they look on the wall.  We have an awkward wall in our living room and it has defeated me...  Anyway, I look forward to putting these frames in our next home.  :)  


4 - 17 by 23 inches pieces of wood
4 - 12 by 18 inches pictures
Wood Stain {we used Minawax, Dark Walnut}
Paint Brush
8 small nails
8 Clips {we found ours at an art supply store}
8 picture hangers


1.  Round the edges of your boards with a sander.

 2. Stain your boards and make sure {this} doesn't happen!! If it does make sure you have Resolve carpet cleaner.  

3.  Once the boards are dry sand the edges to give it a rustic look.  

4.  Measure so the picture hangers are evenly spaced on the back of the boards.

5.  Tall Tan Man put the pictures on the front of the boards with the clips attached and marked where the nails would need to go. Drive your small nails into the board where you marked.  

6.  Hang your pictures!

I think these would also look cool with some digital art on them, or maybe the grocery list...   Have a wonderful rest of your week, two more days we can do this!  

I am linking up with the fabulous blog The Blissful Bee.


P.S.  All these beautiful pictures are from Caroline Jurgensen Photograph :)


  1. At Home Depot now so we can get supplies for these! You rock!!!!!

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