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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

OKC Weekend!

Hello there!  I had such a wonderful weekend in Oklahoma.   I ate lots of good food, hung out with friends & family, held sweet babies, and ran a half marathon.  The half marathon was really rough... I don't know if it was my training, the two hour rain delay, or ramming my pinky toe into a shopping cart, but I was tired at mile two. Which is no good when you have to run 11 more miles.  Every picture my parents took I look like I am in terrible pain hence only two small pictures from the race.  :)  

Tall Tan Man and I are still on the house hunt {3 months, 9 bids rejected, and 50+ homes looked at}.  People keep saying when it is meant to be it will happen.  Let's hope that happens before our lease is over in June!!!


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