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Friday, June 6, 2014

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Happy Friday to you!  I have been wanting to make a sunburst mirror for what seems like a LONG time.  Recently I found a tutorial on one of my favorite new blogs {A Beautiful Mess}.  Now that I have some free time {hello summer} I headed over to Lowe's and Hobby Lobby to get all the materials.  A Beautiful Mess's tutorial was written all the way back in 2012 so I am a little late to this party... Here is what you will need:

DIY Sunburst Mirror

Cost: $13 {I already had: hangers, both glues, and paint}      
Time: 2 hours 


14 inch Mirror
6 inch Wooden Circle
Picture Hanger
Contractor Wood Shims {I needed a big pack and one extra small pack}
Epoxy Glue or Gorilla Glue
Hot Glue
Spray Paint {I used Krylon Metallic Gold} 
Paper and Paint Tape {not pictured}


1.  Attach picture hanger to the front of the wooden circle.  

2.  Using epoxy or gorilla glue, attach the wooden circle to the back of the mirror.  Make sure it is perfectly centered!  I placed a stack of books on top of the wooden block for 5 minutes to make sure it wasn't going to go anywhere.

3.  The wooden shims are too long so you will need to break them.  Yes, break them!  You will want short, medium, and long ones.  For the long ones I took about 2 inches off from each shim and the short ones I took off about 3.5 to 4 inches off.  I broken them using our coffee table {sorry honey!} like this:

4.  First arrange all the small shims around the wooden circle.  Attach them with hot glue.  

2.  Now start filling in the gaps with the medium ones.  

5.  Now add the large ones {and this is where I ran out of shims and had to go back to lowe's}.  The smaller pack of shims are shorter but the length worked fine. 

6.  Carefully flip your mirror over.  I kind of loved the wooden look, but I had already committed to the gold paint.  Now very meticulously cover the mirror with tape and paper. 

7.  Spray paint the mirror.  I did two coats. 

 Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for stopping by!


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