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Monday, June 30, 2014

Our first place

Hi there.  Holy cow batman... moving sucks.  Last week was a little crazy with the move.  Tall Tan Man kept saying we just need to throw our stuff in some bags and move it.  I think I believed him a little too much and we I had a stressful move.  All of our stuff is finally in one place which is absolutely wonderful, but I really miss our first apartment. :(  I wanted to dedicate a post to some of our most memorable moments in apartment 304!!! 

1.  Tall Tan Man is usually really smooth so it was pretty hilarious when he spilled 1/2 a can of dark wood stain in our living room.  I channeled my inner domestic diva and removed it ALL {it just took 3 hours and an entire bottle of resolve}.

2.  Tall Tan Man stepped onto the patio and this little guy {Charles} decided he needed a bath. TTM named him Charles, but Charles laid eggs... Something is wrong with that.

 3.  Charles didn't get enough of our apartment so he/she decided to come hang out with me.  I guess I screamed louder than TTM because we got a call from the police department.  A neighbor was worried about the livelihood of the woman living in our apartment.  

4.  Note to self.  You can't sear steaks in an apartment.  Especially when your cook-top doesn't have a vent.  Also, you shouldn't open the door to the hallway where the building fire detector is located. 

5.  Tall Tan Man is wildly talented.  He was commissioned by a friend to make some charcoal drawings.  Our living room didn't see natural light for over two months...and I accidentally almost ruined one of them, twice.  These two dancers caused some major tension in the 304.  

6.  Apartments are not always the nicest built homes.  Our drawer size really lowered my standards for any kitchen.  This was our biggest drawer!

7.  Our nice Denver view.

8.  We learned throwing throwing a container of green chili isn't a good idea {especially if it hits the ceiling}. 

9.  There is one thing we would like to forget completely.  Most of our accidents ended in laughter but when Tall Tan Man got in a bike wreck no one was laughing.  He had 1 bad concussion, 3 broken bones in his face, 1 broken tooth, 1 dead tooth, 2 hours were completely lost, and a liquid only diet for 4 weeks.  Talk about a TOUGH way to start living together.  Thankfully most of the bad stuff from the accident is resolved, and the scars are faded.  We were really lucky, it could of been so much worse! 

10.  I am thankful for all the dinners we ate together, the projects we did, lazy Saturdays, watching OU beat OSU, learning how to fold TTM's socks, our fantasy football draft, cooking a couple terrible dinners, waking up to a foot of snow on our cars {no garage for us}, and learning how to live together! 

Thank you for stopping by!  Tall Tan Man and I are headed on our honeymoon tomorrow {just a year and a half late}!    


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