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Thursday, June 18, 2015


Hello!  I have been super MIA this month...  

I think I needed to stop and recharge my batteries a little.  June has been absolutely glorious.  I have "slept in", not needed under eye concealer, worn a lot of work out clothes, been to ikea twice, had cereal for lunch, and caught up on some netflicks!  Don't hate me.  Well, if you didn't hate me already I would like to inform you I am currently hanging out in the beautiful Key West, Florida.

Wind blown hair and all.  It is safe to say that when I get back to Colorado I should be ready to conquer the world {or at least some home remodel projects}. 

One last thing, how do you like my new blog design?  I am in LOVE!  The very talented Rachel Cox at {Oh Simple Thoughts} did an AMAZING job.  She was so professional and I could not be happier with her work!  

Alright y'all, I am off to recharge my batteries for a little while longer... See you soon!


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