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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hello Twenty Nine

And just like that, my twenties are ALMOST GONE....

Pretty crazy.  Wasn't I just in college?   Oh wait, that would be a big no.  I can't stay up late and can you believe the music kids listen to these days?  Absolutely terrible.  Getting older is not that awful {I would like to sleep in past 7 every once in a while} and thankfully my birthdays are still special to me. :)  

My birthday weekend started at the only Mexican restaurant I like in Denver, Hacienda Colorado. I love fajitas! 

Up next was a backyard BBQ with our new Jenga set {tutorial coming this week}:

There was delicious cupcakes of course!

Yesterday my friend Jill and I decided to do the Manitou Incline.  It was definitely tough and Jill may never come back to Denver.  Sorry Jill!

160 flights of stairs... feel... the... burn!!!

We had to stop at Garden of the Gods. I definitely recommend this if you are in Colorado Springs. 

One of my biggest and most exciting birthday surprises was this buffet:

Isn't it gorgeous?!  I can wait to finish it.  My stud of a husband made that for me in SECRET.  He is so good to me.   Alright, I am going to lay here all night because

a.  I can't walk
b.  It is summer break!!!

If you are bored and want to see how much I have aged you can check my {25th}, {26th}, & {28th} birthdays!


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  1. Happy Birthday! I love the dress you're wearing in the first pics! And that buffet is awesome- would love to see the finished product!
    This Side of Paradise


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