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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Master Bath is UPDATED!

Happy WEEKEND friends!  A couple weeks ago I posted about our {hall bathroom update} and I saved the best bathroom for last.  I absolutely LOVE how our master bath turned out!  I could just sit in there all day... jk... kind of, sometimes momma needs a break.  Can I get an amen?  As you can see the master bath looked AWFUL when we moved in. 

It is unfortunate that y'all can't tell that the wallpaper was metallic.  Sarcasm intended.

It is very fortunate that y'all can't see in the toilet, because when you buy a foreclosure all the toilets are filled with antifreeze.  Red antifreeze, barf.

The shower was tiny, dark and gross. Tall Tan Man could not fit in it.  Think Will Ferrell showering in the North Pole.  

I tried to convince Tall Tan Man to keep the cave shower, because I knew it would be a lot more work for him to rip it out and move the water line.  10 minutes later I heard walls being ripped out.  :)

Then he used his sculpted biceps to destroy the concrete pan. 

Insert heart eye emoji.

The shower was the most expensive part of the bathroom remodel.  Most of the other pieces we were able to get on clearance!  Here is a rough estimate of our price breakdown:

Shower: $1000 {Home Depot - Vigo Piedmont Shower Kit}
Vanity: $89 {Home Depot - usually goes for $229 but the floor model was on clearance}
Light Fixture: $30 {Home Depot - Hampton Bay}
Plumbing Fixtures: $70
Mirror: $25 {Home Depot - another clearance section steal!}
Tile and Grout: $250 {Home Depot...I guess the whole bathroom is from home depot...ha}
Misc: $30 {shelf, towel rack}
Labor: $400 {Install the shower walls & grout work}

Total: $ 1,894

Looks a little bit better don't you think!?  Tall Tan Man put in a lot of hours in this room and it really paid off! :)  I hope y'all have a great weekend :)



  1. The bathroom looks great! Was it hard installing the shower? We are thinking about using a shower kit too but with the rounded sliding door. Also, what specific flooring did you guys use?

    1. We ended up paying someone $150 to install the shower door and walls. The kit we bought came with a pan to use for the shower. Is that what you mean by flooring? :) This was so much cheaper than paying someone to make a custom shower!!!

  2. That's good to know. By flooring, I just meant your bathroom floors. Brand, color? Thanks!

    1. We got the tiles from Home Depot and it is discontinued... :( I know this because I had to drive to 5 Home Depots to get another box to finish our kitchen floors!!!

  3. Great work! I love to see the process. I featured this project on A Little Bird Told Me this week.


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