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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Progress on our Curb Appeal

We have pretty much ignored the outside of our house since we moved in two years ago!  When people would come over I would just tell them to look for the house that looks like a hot mess. 

Can you say iris overload?  Here is where we are now:

Here is our check list:

✓ New roof
✓ Paint the door
✓ Rip out the front flower beds
✓ Redo the porch railing
✓ Add shutters {*they still need trim pieces}
✓ Paint house
✓ Extend window wells
✓ Replace light
✓ Replace mailbox
✓ Move sprinklers
Get new house numbers
Add filler dirt
Lay sod where the beds use to be
Add shrubs

Another before:

And perfect cropping...

 We are hoping to knock out the rest of our list before the first snow.  Which is probably next week.  Sarcasm intended...   

On an unrelated note, OU kickoff is in ONE MONTH!  Boomer Sooner!


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