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Sunday, April 9, 2017

One Room Challenge {W1}: Updating Our Front Room

I'm a little behind the ball but I just found out about the One Room Challenge and am joining in {just one week late...}!  One of my biggest struggles with {flipping our house} has been decorating rooms when they are not fully finished.  Rooms would be missing baseboards or outlet covers and I would try to decorate but it was hard to see past everything.  Now that our house is mostly finished {!!!} I need to go back through rooms and decorate them the way I've been wanting to. Here is our front room when we moved in: 

That carpet was disgusting and blue... We did lots of updates that you can see {here} but I still feel like this room has a ways to go.  

It is just too busy for me and not very cohesive.   I picked this room because it's style has been driving me crazy and also for the fact that it is the first room you see when you walk in.  Now I am already a little bit ahead of the game because I have already sold that red chair on Criag's List.   It is a pretty weird story... I had a lady come pay me for the chair and NEVER picked it up.  I waited THREE months for her to come back before I gave up.  So I ended up making $160 on it! I am also contemplating selling the black buffet/sofa table, but I am not sure if I am ready to part with it.  #hoarder. 

Now I am the farthest thing from a professional decorator {see above picture ;)}.  I am indecisive, cheap, love all different styles, and have a 14 month old that likes to destroy everything.  I am wanting a place for Mack to be able to play, me be able to read, and people feel comfortable the instant they walk in.  Here are some living room looks I'm digging:

So as you can see I'm wanting the room to feel warm with some leather & wood tones.  I want to find some furniture that is a little funkier than I usually get.  I now have 5 weeks to finish this room!  Which means I will have to make decisions and hopefully good ones... 

Ready. Set. Go!!!


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