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Thursday, April 13, 2017

One Room Challenge {W2}: Finding the Perfect Rug

I survived two days without Tall Tan Man!  I know that sounds a little ridiculous and other Mommas endure MUCH worse, but two days with just Mack and I can be exhausting.  I feel like a super star parent though because I realized something. Chick Fil A play area after dinner is a lifesaver.  Mack and I went two days in a row {different chick fil a's bc I was embarrassed} and he absolutely loved it.  He even got tired of playing a couple times, but I made him push through.  Pure evil right there. ;)   

Speaking of pure evil... rug shopping, does it get any worse?  I am definitely joking but for someone as indecisive {and on a tight budget} like myself it can be no fun.  There are so many online options but I don't always trust the color/quality on the computer screen.  So I set out about a month ago to look for a rug for our front room.  The room always felt hodge podge to me and I wanted it to feel like a welcoming sitting area.  Here are a couple looks we have had in this room...

Gotta love the Halloween decorations and the microwave...

Like I said on my {week one post} that red chair has already been sold {twice} on Craig's List and the black table is next.  

Alright y'all are you ready for week 2?!

{Calling it Home}

When I set out on my endeavor to redecorate our entry room I didn't think finding a 6 by 8 rug would be that tricky.  Turns out that the majority of rugs in stores are 5 by 7.5 which was too small.  And I firmly believe buying a too small rug kills the flow of a room.  Here are some of the rugs I found but were either too small/big or out of my price range {about $200ish}.  

At first I was mainly looking at Target and Tuesday Morning.  I did look at Home Good's but their prices were not as good as Tuesday Morning.  I was pretty surprised by that!  I really wanted a crazy and colorful Persain rug.  The problem with this was they were way beyond my price point and either super large or 3 x 5.  I did see one of my fav bloggers recommend {this rug} which I almost bought.  So after going to every Tuesday Morning in the Denver Metro area, no joke, I started online shopping.  I was looking at Rugs USA and Urban Outfitters {the rug in the upper right corner}.  I really loved the look of the UO rugs but I just couldn't find one in the size I wanted.  So then I spotted {THIS ONE} on Rugs USA...  

It was then I realized that a 8 x 8 rug would be prefect!  The price was also awesome, $162 TOTAL! {If you sign up for their emails you get 10% off.}

After getting the rug in the room I realized my {black and white curtains} clashed with it... I am thinking I will go with something more simple that will just blend in with the room.  

I haven't decided if I will swap these {pictures} with something different yet.  Lots of decisions to make but I am loving that this space now feels more defined!  

Alright y'all, if you are still reading you endured my play by play of rug shopping... congrats :)  See you next week!


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