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Monday, January 22, 2018

20 Weeks

How in the WORLD am I TWENTY weeks pregnant?!  I feel like we found out yesterday I was pregnant {but it was actually October 7th}... and June 12th feels like an eternity away!  You can see my 20 weeks pregnant with Mack post and man oh man we had NO idea what we were getting into.  

Mack talks about his "brudder" almost everyday but has zero idea about the tidal wave that is coming.  And if I am being honest Tall Tan Man and I have no idea what to expect.  Now please no judgement... the baby phase {aka 0-7 months} was HARD for me.  I felt nuts and didn't recognize myself.  I am hoping that I don't feel quiet as crazy this time because I'll be busy with Mack.  Also, I'm already a Mom.  I didn't realize this was something I would have to grow into.  

So far this pregnancy has been pretty easy breezy {sorry if you have tough pregnancies!}.  I am not sleeping wonderful.  In fact, I accidentally hit Tall Tan Man in the face with my pillow last night... he responded by saying "WHY are you so violent?" and not in the nicest tone... His face was fine.  We're fine.  :)    

My workouts are still going great! I definitely don't go all out and run about a minute slower per mile.  Every week I try to run 2 days,  do 2 days of bootcamp, and a couple strength training days.  The bigger I get the more I will have to cut back but for now I'm sticking with my plan.  I'm also trying to not eat for two people this time around.  Because a 1/2 lb baby doesn't need extra fries and a milkshake evvvvvvery week.  I do eat a lot of chips though... 

I'm not sure I want to get too far into it but Mack's delivery was pretty awful and traumatic.  It all stemmed from anxiety {taking my blood pressure anxiety}, blood pressure and satan's drug... magnesium.  I am seeing a new OBGYN and hoping that things don't get out of hand this time.  We are already trying to track my blood pressure and avoid what happened last time.  Which totally sucks... Making someone who has anxiety about taking blood pressure, take their blood pressure more is like torture.  I am trying to turn it over to God, be healthier and take some deep breaths!  

Alright y'all, sorry for the wordy post.  Have a great week!  

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