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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

20 Weeks {HALF WAY}!

I cannot believe I am half way through this whole carrying a baby thing!

I had to include some pics of Tall Tan Man because he was making me laugh so hard.   He kept saying "stop pushing your belly out!"  I'm definitely not pushing out at all....

We got to see our lil man wiggling around on Monday at our 20 week ultra sound.  He was being so cute and measuring right where he was suppose to.  I was relieved.  I have been praying a lot about not being anxious throughout this process, but it has been a struggle.  I am very thankful for grace and hope during this special time. 

How cute is he?  I might sound crazy, but I think he looks just like his Daddy in some of our pictures.  This post is making me weepy and hungry...Better go eat something!  See y'all soon. :)


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