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Monday, April 23, 2018

Brother's Buffalo Nursery

Y'all, I am SO pregnant.  I'm in the phase where I am starving and eat a normal amount of food, then I almost throw up because I am so full.  I constantly feel the need to go for a walk and lay down at the same time!  Please tell me someone understands how I am feeling...

Andddd I know it's going to get more uncomfortable...

When I found out I was pregnant I wondered how different my second pregnancy would be.  I thought I would be more relaxed about getting the nursery finished, packing the hospital bag, and getting the carseat installed...  I am pretty sure Tall Tan Man would read that statement and laugh, because that's not how I roll.  With anything.  I am 33 weeks pregnant, Brother's room is almost finished and I've already started laying stuff out the for the hospital. 

I already wrote {one posts} about Brother's nursery, the green dresser I painted and the buffalo nursery theme.  I pretty much freaked out when I found the buffalo crib sheets.  I don't know how I missed them when I was searching for sheets a few months ago.  The rug is from Gordman's and it was the THIRD rug I bought {it was only $50!!!}.  I am all about buying and returning when it comes to decorating.    

We will be using the same DIY Baby Rocker from Mack's nursery and the pouf was my big splurge in the room.  I got {this one} from Wayfair.  Almost all of the wall decor is from Michael's and it really bought the whole room together. 

I realllllly wanted a marquee cactus but most I found online were $150+.  No way, Jose.  I found this one at Michael's for roughly $20!  I decided to leave my two wood shelves the original color.  They do need a coat of sealer, but knowing me I will probably just say eh, it's fine! :)  #mediocureisfinewithme #easytoplease The picture frame is from Target's Opal House line.  I don't know how long I will keep it in Brother's room because I kind of want it in our room!

I haven't found a changing table cover {which will go on top of the dresser}, made a side table for the chair, or found something to go above the crib. I really want Brother's name in the nursery somewhere, but we just haven't figured it out yet.  I should probably add talk about baby names to my to do list this week!  

I'll be back on Thursday to share our laundry room progress!  Get excited because I am finally seeing a very very very faint light at the end of the tunnel! 

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