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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chalk Board Paint {obsession} Platter

I have a new obsession...Ikea frozen yogurt.  Is it weird to go there just to get yogurt?  Mmmmm. I need to stop thinking about that, or I really might go there right now.  My other new obsession is chalk board paint.  It is SO cool!  I have been painting a lot of random things around my house with it.  I found black chalk board spray paint at Hobby Lobby.  I also found different colors of chalk board paint at Joann's. 

Over this past weekend I was standing in my bathroom, and was at a loss on what to put on one of the shelves.  Thankfully, my "Do it Yourself" magazine had the perfect idea!  While unpacking one of my boxes I found this. {I had not seen the content of this box in 2.5 years. It was like Christmas.}

I had already placed this silver platter in my garage sale pile.  I am sorry if it bothers you that I am spray painting silver...I am sure I could of found something cheap at goodwill, but this was free and the perfect size.  Before starting the project I cleaned the platter with silver cleaner.  Next using painters tape, and I ripped a bunch of short pieces.

I lined the center of the platter one piece at a time...

I finished lining the entire center, then covered the outer edges.

Spray paint the entire platter.  Make sure you spray about a foot from the surface, or you will get ugly paint build up.

I allowed paint to dry completely before taking off the tape.  I love the new addition to my shelf!  Fits pretty perfect!

What are you wanting to paint with chalk board paint?

Looking around my apartment I have a couple more ideas...I'll be sure to keep y'all posted!


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