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Monday, August 15, 2011

Kitchen Table Upgrade

Moving has been CRAZY!  Somehow in the move I misplaced my camera cord, or I would have posted this earlier.  I have been going nonstop...ikea, unpacking boxes, rooms to go, painting furniture, Lowes, upholstering, more painting, back to ikea...With all the other purchases I was making I didn't want to spend money on a new table.  This is my old college table {I miss college} that I decided to fix up:

There are a bunch of scrapes on the top of the table {pretty sure this is because one of my roommates was playing quarters on it...haha}.

I used the steps from Young House Love on how to paint furniture.  Before I did any painting, I sanded the table thoroughly.  This helped to make the top of the table more even.  Here are the 3 leading ladies that helped me make over the table. 

{1}  Apply the oil based primer.  I found it best to use a Purdy paint brush.  It was more expensive, but well worth it!  Allow primer to dry completely.  It was waaaaaaaaay too hot in Texas to paint outside!!!

{2}  Apply paint.  I used a latex paint that was black, and had a semi gloss finish.  I had to use 3 coats to get the look I wanted.  Here are three things I made sure I did: paint in thin layers, allow paint to dry completely before re-coating, and sand down drip marks and other mistake places {of course, paint over after}.

{3} Sealer.  I used a water based poly {minwax water based polycrylic}, because I knew the table would get a lot of use.  This stuff is very careful with your brush strokes {trust me}.  You will be able to tell if you paint in different directions.  Do not over brush during this step.

My table isn't perfect {and neither is my floor...I somehow managed to also lose my broom in the move}, but I am happy with it.  I love my new chairs too!  That post will be coming asap! I am really excited about all my crafting and decorating.  It has been hard to sleep at night, because I am feeling so inspired! :) You can laugh at me if you want {trust me I do it all the time}!!!



  1. I'm laughing with you! haha Because I do the SAME thing about cooking! {And designing my future home in my head of course} Your table and chairs are fabulous and I looove the fabric on the chairs too. Keep these craft projects coming! :)

  2. LRay! This looks incredible! Great job! You're such a little domestic diva!


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