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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kitchen Table Chairs

Finding 4 perfect chairs that could be upholstered was no easy task.  I looked everywhere.  Trying to be a good DIYer, I was patient and kept looking in every goodwill, flea market, and antique shop I would see.  Finally, I found these beauties...

You might be thinking that this chair is not beautiful...but do you remember Ann Hathaway in Princes Diaries before her make over??  Have some faith.  I wish I had a true "before" picture, but when my Granddad saw these chairs he began taking them apart and re-gluing all of them...I only thought they needed a little work {sorry for my phone picture, Granddad did want to waste time}...

I guess I was wrong {sigh}.  This is what the cushions looked like when I got the chairs.

I discovered this navy floral fabric when I took off the nappy plasticey fabric.  It was prettier, but still not my style.  I almost vomited when I discovered what was under that floral fabric.....I don't really want to talk about it....Lets just say, it might of been made up of 100 years of dust.  I was pleased to see that the seat was still in good condition. This is what I used to recover the seats:
  • 4- 15 by17; 1 inch foam {Hobby Lobby}
  • Quilters Batting
  • Staple gun
  • Fabric
I first sketched the seat onto all the foam pieces.

Then I cut my quilter batting two inches wider and taller than the seat. I then stapled the batting to the back. Make sure you pull your batting as tight as possible.  I found it easiest to work from the middle of one side of the seat, alternating back and forth to the other side. Can you see the chaos behind me?  Moving takes a lot of work...I don't think I put make up on {or maybe even showered} for several days...

Now onto the fabric....I looooooved the blue damask pattern I found at Joann's.  I stapled this on using the same technique as the batting.  BAM.  I was glad to be done with my TABLE and chairs.  I painted the chairs exactly the same as I painted the table.  You can find my instructions Here

I love the fabric :)



  1. I love that fabric! Question...I've slowly, but surely, been searching for the perfect fabric to cover my craft room chair. At Jo Ann's they have the "thin/clothes" fabric, and then the thicker stuff in the back....which did you use, or does it matter? Just curious! Thanks!

  2. Hey Mal! Finding fabric is SO difficult...I have been looking for months for some to make a headboard out of. I used the upholstery fabric in the back of the store for the cushions. I have also used outdoor fabric on other projects. I have never used thin fabric before on furniture. I think it all depends on how much use you will get out of it. The good thing about cushions is if you decide that the fabric doesn't work it isn't hard to recover again. Sorry I am not much help!!! Can't wait to see pictures :)


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