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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I already LOVE February

I am loving some really random things right now, and I thought I would share some of them with ya'll :)   

1.  A friend of mine just introduced me to the blog Kendi Everyday.  She has fabulous taste, and makes me want to be more adventurous with my wardrobe.  This winter I have been stuck in the cardigan, black jeggings, and brown boot rut.  Do not get me wrong, I love this outfit. It soooo comfortable, flattering, mindless, fail-proof and easy!  Kendi does combinations I would not think of, and to be honest I might be too chicken to try :)  Yesterday I went to downtown Mckinney, and went to her shop called Bloom.  The clothes are really cute, and pretty affordable.   Here is my new shirt:

Now I just need to pair it with some more wild jewelery and bright shoes.  Maybe when I re-wear this {my church outfit} to work this week I can try to do something different {I can't be the only person that does that, haha}.  

2. I am also loving my new crock pot:

I have found so many recipes I want to make!  I just need to get off my butt {and pinterest} and make them.  I have made 3 things from Skinny Taste blog, and they were all fabulous.  I love when food I cook can be tasty and healthy!

3.  Starbucks LOVE cups.  Like I need another excuse to go there more...

4.  Sprouts produce.  I go a little overboard.  

5.  Tall Tan Man comes home in 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!  

6.  I just started using instagram...Can you tell I like it?  :)  

7.  House of Smiths is doing a photo challenge, and I am participating starting this month!  It is has been fun {well, the 5 days I have done}.  I do cheat though {shhh} when I forget to take pictures, or think another day will have a better picture. You should try to do it too :)

Have a wonderful SUPER BOWL Sunday!  I do not care who wins.  All I care about is the food and commercials.  Hopefully I will be sharing a successful hummus recipe with ya'll this week!


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  1. Great Blog Leslie. It is so nice to see your face.
    I just love you girl. Guess Sean will be there soon, after his trip to Dubai. I need to go there sometime. You do too. Gotta travel around.
    I love the crock pot too. Watch it though, Sean thinks everything tastes the same if you cook it all together.


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