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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Wreath

Hello :)  I do love, LOVE.  :) This is my Valentines gift to myself...Making wreaths is one of my favorite craft projects.  When I began this project I knew it was going to be time consuming, and I don't even want to tell you how long it took me to make this{I sound like I am trying to convince you not to make this...}.  I do love how my wreath turned out, or I would of been a force to be reckoned with.  If you would like to make this you will need straw wreath still in the plastic wrap, about 1.5 yards of felt {don't pick the lowest quality}, scissors, lots of hot glue, hot glue gun, and lots of time.  You can use my tutorial {HERE} to make the flowers.  My suggestions:

*Make 3 different sizes of flower to help cover the wreath completely (5, 4, 3 inch square).
*I would cut 30 squares, then make that many flowers {and repeat}.  My hand might of started cramping, because I was cutting so many flowers out. 

Here are some of my Valentines decor.  :)  
Rosette Balls


I got a Valentines printable from {HERE}.

Have a wonderful week, and Valentines day :)



  1. Hi Leslie! I love your blog!!! I am a new blogger too! Glad to see you are doing well! Your crafts are so cute!

  2. Thanks Amy!! I really love blogging :) I am still wanting to try your cinnamon rolls!!


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