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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Organization Board

Well hello!  :)  Living in an apartment that is only 770 square feet, and 3 rooms makes organization important.  I don't have an office to put bills, recipes, coupons, and other random things in {this causes a clutter issue, yuck}.  I spotted this organizational board on House of Smiths:

I loved the idea!  You have to be creative when you live in small spaces. :) My version is a little different than hers, and to make it you will need:

  • Frame {sizes will vary based on your door}
  • Spray Paint Primer
  • Spray Paint {thanks Kelli for letting me borrow this!}
  • Quilt Batting
  • Fabric {same as my headboard}
  • Small Wooden Plaques {michaels}
  • Clothes Pins
  • Labels
  • Scissors
  • Hot and regular glue

The frame I used was one that I had from college {pretty sure it is from walmart}.  I still love this picture...

Michael's has all different sizes and shapes of wooden plaques. 

1.  Using a hot glue gun I glued the clothes pins to the plaques.  I made them off center so I could put labels on each.  

2.  My frame I used was some type of fake wood so I gave it a good coat of spray paint primer.  I also gave my plaques a good coat of primer also.  I allowed this to dry completely before applying my wonderful turquoise spray paint.  

3. I went ahead and used the insert that was already in the frame {I could of bought thin wood for this, but I am all about not spending more when I don't have to}.  This was not a 100% ideal situation.  The cardboard was not super thick, and the hooks were on the back of the cardboard.  Using a staple gun I attached the quilt batting and fabric at the same time.  My staples were too deep so I had to make sure I was working on the far edge of the board {so they would be hidden under the frame}.  I also had to make sure the hooks were still left open to keep the board secured on the frame.  

4.  Using card stock I printed off the labels I wanted, and attached them using normal glue.

5.  I then used hot glue to attach the plaques.  

YaY for no more piles!!!  :)  My desk is one of the first things you see when you walk into my apartment, and I love it being clutter-less.  This project was super easy, and only cost me about $3 {I only had to buy the wooden plaques}.  Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!    


p.s.  I really wish my apartment had as much light as house of smiths...I never knew how much natural light affected pictures...


  1. Love pretty and functional! I am featuring this on my blog tonight!


  2. Hi! What website did you use to print the labels?

    1. HEY! Sorry it took me a week to get back to you! I just used text boxes in word...printed it all on card stock! Hope this helps!


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