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Thursday, December 20, 2012

My First Shower

  Tall Tan Man would read the title of this post and say "about time you showered."  Oh men, they just don't get it sometimes.  :)  I am having SO MUCH FUN with all the wedding things.  This shower was hosted by my high school friends Mommas, and they did a phenomenal job!  I loved everything about it {i am not exaggerating}. 

Many friends and family were able to make it which made me feel extremely blessed. 

My Momma

College friend, Kristen :)

High School Friends!

College friend, Jill!

Aunt Lisa, cousins Melissa, Tora, and Kathryn.  (Momma was wanting to talk throughout pictures (: love her)

I couldn't include all the pictures, because my pure excitement might scare some of ya'll. Looking at he pictures I was thinking "is that what I look like when I am really happy?" 

You bet I tried to tear some bows... ;)


Well, I just have one more day before the semester is over, and then I get two weeks off!  I am so ready...


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