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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Back at it

Hi there!  I don't know about you, but winter is my toughest season to work out.  I think sweaters and jeggings allow the lbs to sneak up on me.  I have also had some big life changes lately...

 None of those are an excuse to eat ridiculous amounts of queso, chocolate, and carbohydrates... but that is what happened.  Some of my skirts started to look a little more form fitting than a year ago so I decided that I needed to change that.  To help myself out of this rut, I am going to run another half marathon!  I am super excited.  The half is a really fun distance for me and requires me to train {hello structure!}.  Here is my training plan:

I am no professional or doctor, so make sure you know what your getting into.  This is a compilation of a couple training schedules and gets me in good shape if I stick to it!  I also got some new kicks to help me out.

 I am not sure how much of my training will be outside, because I have been told by multiple sources that March & April are the snowiest months {totally weird and terrible}.  Good thing I like the treadmill!!


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