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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Built in Trashcan

Hello!  If you follow me on {instagram} then you know we have been working on our kitchen this weekend.  Before I start talking about our EXCITING "new" trashcan I want to show you our progress in the kitchen.  First off, let's not forget how this all started...

For the post on all the previous projects we have done in the kitchen, click {here}.   Since moving the gas line we needed to decide if we were going to keep the lazy susan.  TTM loved it, I thought it was an eye sore. 

Can you guess who won?  :) 

We have also re-textured the ceiling and added some height to the cabinets.  We still need to add molding to the top of the new wood, paint the cabinets, add back splash... we still have a BUNCH to do but the room already looks 10 times better, in my humble opinion. 

 Now back to our fancy trashcan.  I had seen a couple of trashcan cabinet kits at Lowe's that I originally thought we would use, but Tall Tan Man thought he could  build it himself {and save us $80}.  Here is the cabinet with our newly installed gas line in the back {we had plenty of room to fit the trashcan}. 

Tall Tan Man was able to use the existing cabinet door and build this short drawer with gliders out of the leftover materials from the Island. 

Fits perfect! 

 I am headed to do some trash removal {not related to trash can above :)} and paint the kitchen ceiling!  I know you are jealous.  I hope you have a fabulous week with no work on Monday!


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