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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

how to paint paneling

Hi there!  Painting paneling has to be one of the easiest ways to drastically transform a room.  When we first looked at our house I was actually really excited our office had paneling. :) 

Now here is what we were working with:

How to Paint Paneling


Drywall Filler
Drywall Sander
Rollers {the bigger the nap the better}
Paint Trays
Drop Cloth
Oil Based Primer {I used Kilz}
Glidden Stone White {Egg Shell}


1.  Fill the holes in the paneling.  The previous owners loved to hang things on the wall...  Once filler is dry sand down any bumps. 

2.  Now it is time to prime the room.  The difficulty of this completely depends on the type of paneling you have.  The groves in our paneling were very deep and not smooth so our roller would not reach them.  We had to go back and paint each grove and that took a good amount of time.  We primed the room twice.   

3.  We painted the room just like we primed it.  Again, the only time consuming part was painting the groves and making sure I didn't miss any spots... I am not a perfectionist so making sure this was done well was a wee bit challenging. :)

I am ready to get creative in this office!

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