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Monday, June 2, 2014

twenty eight

Hello!  It is the first Monday of SUMMER!  Earlier today I told someone to have a great weekend.  Yep, it must be summer.  :) If you follow me on Instagram you know I had a little birthday on Saturday.  I have just one more little birthday before my first big one!  Saturday started out with a tough workout at my new gym Park Meadows Fit.  In honor of me turning 28 we had had to do 2 burpees every 28 seconds during one circuit.  It was such an honor, I almost threw up... Saturday was filled with most of my favorite things: coffee, brunch, a funny message from my parents, cake, and a swirl margarita. :) 

Tall Tan Man did a great job planning everything {i didn't give him any help ;) ...}

My sweet friend, Kelli, sent me these goodies and they are already gone...

Here's my favorite new purse :)

 Last thing we did on Saturday was book a trip to PUERTO VALLARTA!!!  We have been talking about going on a trip since last summer and we finally are doing it!  I already started shopping for the trip... 


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