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Sunday, December 10, 2017

DIY Kids Keepsake Canvases

Happy Sunday!  It has finally cooled down here in Denver and that has made it actually feel like Christmas.   Last year, Mack and I made these DIY Kids Keepsake Canvases.  He was 11 months old so you can probably guess that it was a one-sided craft.  I got all the paint and canvases from Hobby Lobby.  50% off baby!!!  This project is pretty self-explanatory, but I have a couple tips to help you!   

1.  I made the reindeer first {I promise Mack has all 5 toes on his right foot} and learned quickly that I had to be forceful to get a good print.  

2.  I painted the green and brown directly onto Mack's foot.  It would be best to do a couple test prints before using the canvases.  

3.  Do this outside or on a sheet!  #duh

4.  Two adults per one kid would produce the best results.  I did this project solo last year and this year Tall Tan Man will need to help me!

5.  Use paint pens to add all the details.  It is so much easier to make everything look cleaner than using a paint brush.  I used circular paint sponges for the reindeer's eyes and nose.   

I hope you have a wonderful week!   

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