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Friday, December 22, 2017

That is NOT a typo on our Christmas Card!!!

YEP!  Unlike 2 years ago where I misspelled our name... I did not have a typo on our Christmas card!!!  We will becoming a family of FOUR in 2018.  It is taking all my strength not to type in all caps and use excessive amounts of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!   

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and feeling quiet fluffy.  I'm in that weird phase where nothing fits {and hasn't for a month} but not really showing quite yet.  My mom asked from a baby bump picture and I sent her what I call my baby intertube picture...  I'm wearing lots of baggy clothes and trying to embrace my changing body.  :)

We found out I was pregnant back in the beginning of October and we were both pretty surprised.  Not to get tooooo into the details I just thought that it wasn't our month.  I had wanted our babies about 2.5 years apart and they will be 29 months apart!  This was definitely God's timing and I am so thankful. 

 I didn't tell Tall Tan Man in a cute way because we were in Oklahoma for a football game {and I really didn't think I was preggers}.  I knew I would be going out for margaritas after the game and decided to do the mature thing and take a pregnancy test.  I flipped out!  I couldn't believe it.  I let Sean sleep for 45 more minutes then I busted into the bathroom {while he was brushing his teeth} and just blurted it out.  He looked shocked but not nearly as terrified he did the first time around.  
Baby J #2 is due June 12th and I have already started to feel some movement!  I couldn't believe it but that movement is pretty distinct.  Now please don't hate me... I haven't had morning sickness again.  I definitely have to eat first thing in the morning or I feel a little nauseas.  Also... I haven't been that tired either.  It's been SO WEIRD!  With Mack I couldn't keep my eyes opens but this has been so different.  I had to nap every couple days but never like I did with Mack.  It has me kind of freaked out.  I was googling..."is there something wrong with my baby if I am not tired??"  Everything {including my ultrasound} have come back normal.  Praising God for this growing baby inside my belly!  




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