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Thursday, July 26, 2018

1 Month Old Levi + Birth Story {Part 2}

Oh my goodness, I love that face!  πŸ˜  Time is just zooming by with our sweet Levi and the bags under my eyes have never been bigger...  I'm okay with that because I haven't started losing my hair at an alarming rate yet!  Postpartum is so glamourous.  I'm planning on filling y'all in on how the newborn phase has been and how much different bringing home #2 is vs. #1. 

Now onto finishing Levi's birth story!  Before I go into whether or not Tall Tan Man went to the movies...  I want to never forget that my sweet Mack came to visit us in the hospital before his brother made his appearance.  During the sweet visit he threw up all over the floor and his Dad.  πŸ˜·  Yep, not what we expected.  He had been sick earlier in the week and saved just one last throw up for the hospital.  Funny how things change for #2.  

Alright, what's your guess?  Did TTM go to the movies?  

If you know TTM well, then you know the answer is yes.  The movie started at 1:15 pm and the nurses were still expecting a late evening delivery.  I had just started pitocin and my contractions were very manageable.  My mom and I went on a couple walks and the contractions started to get more intense.  I told the nurse and TTM that the pain was too much and I didn't think I could go much longer without an epidural.  The nurse kept saying she thought it would be a while before I should get an epidural.  She recommended I get a foot massage.  At that point I was willing to do anything to take my mind off things.  

TTM came back when I was getting my foot massage {he got 40 minutes into the Avengers movie πŸ˜‚} and then BAM.  Water broke.  I yelled out of my door to get me an epidural, NOW.  TTM asked me if I was sure if my water broke... then the nurse came in and asked if I was sure my water broke. Yes, yes, YES!  Com'on people!  

  The time between my water breaking and waiting for the epidural to kick in was such a blur.  Definitely the worst pain I've ever felt.  I remember asking TTM if he thought I should try to do it without an epidural {100% joking}.  And for the first time he said "no way!"

With a few snaps of my fingers πŸ˜œπŸ˜œ Levi was here!  We were SO emotional and I kept saying "he has your toes".  It was nothing like our first experience, it was so much better.  

Levi rocked his first month and I survived! He made his first trip to Trader Joe's at 3 days old and did 4-5 hour stretches a night.  Mack loves to smother Levi with kisses and does't seem to be bothered by him.  Tall Tan Man is so much more comfortable this time around.  He actually had to go to MONTANA for three weeks.  I know I haven't kept y'all in the loop with us moving and I promise I will give you an update. 

Look at that sweet thang!  I hope y'all have a great weekend!

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