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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Easy DIY Nursery Sign

You know what the worst thing about DIYing something is? When your project comes out looking VERY handmade.  Or it falls apart in no time...  I am so happy with how this Levi sign turned out!  #patontheback I promise you can do this and no one would ever guess you made it.  On top of that, the project only cost me $24.  Although, I did have the buffalo check paper, 1 x 4s, and wood glue!

DIY Nursery Sign


1 - 2'x4' sheet of 1/2" wood
2 - 1"x4"
Wood Glue
Self Adhesive Wall Paper {Target}
Letters {Hobby Lobby}
Craft Paint
Craft Glue


1.  Cut the sheet of wood to your desired dimensions {mine is 3'7" by 2'}.  Cut the 1x4s to make the frame for your sheet of wood.  These cuts will all depend on how big or small you want to make your sign.  

2.  Attach the wall paper to the sheet of wood keeping in mind what your frame will cover.

3.  Glue and clamp the 1x4's to the board for at least 1 hour.  

4.  Paint the letters with your craft paint and attach to the wallpaper with glue {by far the hardest part of this project is attaching these letters straight!}.  


Levi's room is pretty close to finished!  I am so excited because I've been so stumped what to do over the crib.  This was my 4th attempt and I'm glad I didn't settle for my first 3 options.  And for those of y'all that are worried... I attached the sign with 100 lb picture hanging kit into studs.  This sign won't be coming down unless Levi hangs from it when he is 12 years old! 

AKA, Not for a while!  If you recognize the Buffalo check wall paper it is leftover from our {Laundry Room Makeover}:

Here are a few more shots of Levi's room starring none other than 2 month old Levi!

I just wanted to turn on the cactus lights!!!

You can check out other nursery post here and here.  Alright y'all, heres to another week of trying to keep my kids alive! Talk to you soon 😚

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  1. Love the sign, great job! Thanks for sharing on To Grandma's House We Go!


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