Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hey guys!  Sorry I have been a little MIA lately...I have been "busy."  Weekend trips to Houston, Austin, and visiting my Grandad has made my time alone few and far between.  All this traveling is about to end when I go back to work {sigh}.  I see people {elementary school teachers} on facebook spending hours in their rooms...high school teachers just don't roll that way.  Thank goodness.  No offense or anything.  This summer has been great for my workout routine.  I have been trying to hit the gym as much as possible, but my motivation while I'm there ebbs and flows sometimes.  :)  The Olympics have totally motivated me {am I the only one??}.  I am that girl on the treadmill that is pretending to race the Jamaicans to the finish line.  I win of course...  I was looking through my workout tops I wanted something new, but I knew I shouldn't spend any money.  I had seen this idea on {blogilates}, and was in love.  I will walk you through how I made it, and hopefully it is helpful.  :)  I would use a bigger-ish {long} t-shirt, mine was a little smaller than I would of liked.  This just makes it harder to make the neck line look normal.  Also, you may want to try this on a shirt that if you mess up its okay.  Just in case...Alright, you will need:

  • T shirt {BOOMER SOONER}
  • Scissors
  • Sharpee
  • A workout top you already own

1.  Lay your t-shirt perfectly flat.  Make sure that it is centered or your shirt will be uneven. 

2.  Right above the seam cut the bottom off .  Don't loose this fabric you will need to use it!

3.  Using a tank top you already own {or you could eyeball it} line the sleeve up with your t shirt.  If they are different sizes then lay the tank top as best you can.  Using your Sharpee, lightly trace the arm hole on one side then the other side.  *Make sure you leave 2ish inches from the outside seam of the neckline.

4.  Cut of sleeves.  

5.  Turn your t shirt over, and you can use the back of your tank top to trace {this just helped me get the general shape}.  You are trying to make the back have a razor back shape.  You will end up tying this so don't stress too much.  I had to cut a couple times to get it just right.  

6.  Cut the collar off.  

7.  Place workout tank on your t-shirt to help make the neckline.  Cut this a little deeper, because when you tie the tank in the back it will pull it closer to your neck {you don't want it to look like your wearing a bib}. 

You might want to go ahead and try your tank on to make sure the neck line is looking okay!

8.  Turn your tank over and cut a deep V.  

9.  Alright.  Remember when you cut the bottom off?  Take that strip of fabric, and cut the seam off.  Using the fabric that is left over pull down on the fabric until is rolls up. 

10.  Tie a knot 3 or 4 inches from the top, and start winding the string around razor back.  Be sure to pull string tight!

Tie a knot at the bottom once you feel like it :) Cut of left over fabric on top and bottom.

11.  Last step!  Try your shirt on and make sure you like the way it fits!  You can still cut some more if you need to.  I made two shirts in an hour, and it was waaaay easier the second time. 

oh one last step...Go get your sweat on!!! 



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