Thursday, May 28, 2020

One Room Challenge {W4}: Board and Batten

Week four of the One Room Challenge is in the books! I can’t believe how much progress we made this week.  This might be because I had a little breakdown on Saturday about not thinking we were going to be able to finish… Flash forward 4 days... The floors are done! 👏 The board and batten is done!

I still need to decide what to do with the top shelf/board but for now I’m going to leave it until I make up my mind. I’m going back-and-forth between stained wood or the same color gray. To make the board and batten we used common pine boards. The top and bottom boards are 1x4s and the vertical slats are 1x3s. 

I didn’t do a whole lot of research before doing the board and batten process.  Looking back now I wish we would of used pre-primed MDF boards. I have no idea what the cost difference is though! 😬

Y’all!  I could not be more excited because I’ve been wanting to be at this point in the process since we started. Actually back in February I told Sean I wanted to have the board and batten, and floors done before I even got started. I really wanted my focus to be on the DIY’s and furniture… but here we are! Week 5 is going to be all about furniture! 💃 Up first is my $50 chair! We originally wanted a couch but the one I bought didn’t work.  You better believe I pulled that couch up our basement stairs all by myself just so I could list it and get rid of it! 

The next piece of furniture I’ve added to the room is this barrister bookshelf that was my Grandfather's. This piece is so special to me! I can’t wait to fill it with Sean’s things and make it work in the room! 

did not mean to leave that trophy sitting right there... 😆

I’m thinking of painting the inside of the cabinet either white or gray. The wood on the inside makes everything look so dark and hard to see. What do you think, white or gray?  Now you’re probably wondering about the most important piece of furniture in an office… The desk! Sean just picked one up and I’m really hoping it works! 

Oh, I totally forgot to tell y’all a funny story! Or maybe it’s not funny and you’re a better communicator with your spouse… Last week I had sent a desk and credenza listing to Sean where the cover photo was the credenza (I arranged with the buyer to just purchase the desk).  Sean went to go pick up the desk and instead of picking up the desk he bought the credenza… I was laughing so hard when he got home because I knew there was zero chance he would fit his legs under it. 😂 

my listing picture... made $15 profit! 💁

Sean went back and got the desk and my suspicion was correct that it was way too big for our space. #oops So if you’re keeping track, I have bought three pieces of furniture for our space and none of them worked! #onaroll   I am so thankful this chair wasn't a flop!

As always you should check all the other guest participant's post! So many talented people! See you next week!

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

One Room Challenge {W3}: Floors and Frustration

Hiiii!  Man oh man... I am posting late this week because I feel like I've hit the wall in this project.  😭  My goal this week was to finish the floors and we almost have them done.  Which is fantastic (!!!)  but I'm feeling defeated about finding furniture/decor with all that is going on.  I went to Target, Hobby Lobby and the only Homegoods that is open and it was all so picked over...  I thought with the challenge being half way over I would have some vision for the room...  buuuut I don't.  It's fine, which actually means it's not fine but I'm believing I can figure it out!   Alright, enough whining let's look at our new floors!

These were the second cheapest vinyl floors Home Depot sold {the whole room for about $200} and I'm so happy with how they look!  Also, they were so easy to install!  After getting the first row done it was pretty smooth sailing!  

Now I really have to decide what color to paint the board and batten!    

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

One Room Challenge {W2}: Demo is DONE + Painting

It has to get worse before it gets better, right!?  The office still feels like a disaster but we did make some progress this week!  If you missed {last week} I shared all the before pictures!  

So bad...

I shared on stories this week that we were able to remove the closets in this room because there is already a large storage room/closet attached.  It is what we lovingly call the pot room... Yep, we bought a house with a grow room in it!  How Colorado is that? I think the best part is that I didn't even realize what it was until after we closed on the house!  #naive Bye bye old closet!

Up next Sean did all the drywall and mud.  #besthusbandever It is such a messy job and your house ends up all covered in dust!  Maybe I should postpone cleaning until this project is done.  😂 Our awesome neighbor is a painter and he did all the texture and primer!  so! freaking! awesome!  

I was hoping when we started this project we were going to be able to get rid of the bump out on two of the walls.  Come to find out that is how the previous owner ran the electrical and we couldn't get rid of it... 😔  I decided we would do a board and batten treatment on it to some what disguise it!  Now to decide between these two colors:
So what is your vote??  Green or grey?  Grey was my first thought but I am second guessing myself!  As always you need to go check out the other One Room Challenge participants! 

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

One Room Challenge {W1}: Sean's Office

Hi y'all!  It is One Room Challenge time and like usual I am nervous, excited and a little overwhelmed!  This go around we are updating Sean's office which is pretty comical because he could of really used a home office this last month.  😂  My hubs and I do not always see eye to eye on decorating #throwpillows but I am excited to give him a space he will love!

I am not 100% sure how this room will come together but what I've learned is sometimes you just need to start! So, we are going for it! Here are some super glamorous before pictures:

Please tell me you noticed my arm in the last picture!  Man, I am out of blogging practice! 😂  I will be sharing all the demo progress in stories today so stay tuned!  

The major projects in this room are:

Removing the Closets 
Updating the floors
Adding Board and Batten 
Building a desk 
& more!

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