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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Red Velvet Brownies

I love brownies...I am always shocked when I look in the brownie pan a couple hours after they are made, and a third of them are gone!  I don't get it.  How do those tiny slivers, just one more bite, turn into a third of the pan?? Ugh.  I can't let myself do this right now...MY WEDDING DRESS is currently being sewn to fit my pre holiday body.  I am going to have to keep my holiday eating in check this year...I am not too excited about that.  These red velvet brownies came from {Smells like Home}.  I don't have time to do a full post on the recipe so just use the link. :)  I didn't change much, I was just a little rebellious and used white chocolate chips when she said not to.  I am such a rule breaker {not really, it was my only option at target}. 

Hope ya'll are having a great week!  


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wedding Planning

Hi my name is Leslie and I have this blog called Wonderfully Made that I use to have time to work on.  Oh how life has changed...  I absolutely love being engaged to Tall Tan Man.  I don't really know how to explain it, except by saying my heart feels really full.  Weird? I don't know.   Since I began planning I had my eye on Thanksgiving break.  I get the ENTIRE week off.  That is definitely something to be thankful for!  I thought I would catch ya'll up on all the planning my Mom and I have been up to since TTM popped the question.  

Week One:

A lot of cartwheels.

Visited two dress stores.

Saw two possible venues.  Eliminated the two venues.

Made my guest list.  One of the hardest tasks, because I only want 150 total.  Tall Tan Man had 165 on his first draft...uh oh

Week Two:

Found my dress at Lulu's in Dallas.  They were amazingly helpful, and did a little celebration dance after you get your dress. I was able to buy mine off the rack, which was a big relief.

Found the venue

Met with a great photographer

Sent my bridesmaids a package.

Week Three:

Found shoes and dropped them off to get dyed.


Took my dress to the tailor

Helped Tall Tan Man cut his list down.  I am not as cool as him..

Looked for plates with Tall Tan Man.  He loved every moment.

Premarital Conference

Week Four:   


Confirmed the pastor.

Found and booked the perfect DJ.  Excited to shake my grove thing!

Next week Tall Tan Man and I are working on making our invites and taking engagements!!!  Time to go shopping!  Hope you are having great weekend! 


Sunday, November 4, 2012


First of all I want to apologize for my absence.  Life went from just work, work out, eat, and sleep to WEDDING PLANNING.  I will give you more details at the end of the post, but first I want to share how Tall Tan Man popped the question.  It all started with me and my bestie driving to Norman, OK for an OU football game.  That night I went to the airport to pick up TTM, and little did I know he had been in OKC for a couple days...He didn't seem flustered at all when I picked him up, but he had just run from the parking lot.  He had accidentally forgot to leave the parking ticket in the car...whoops.  The weekend went on pretty normal.  We all stayed at my Pawpaw's house, and spent our Saturday on campus eating tailgate food and watching Sarah spend a lot of money at Antique Garden {the usual}.  The only semi different thing we did was park north of campus so we would not have to mess with traffic getting to "Sarah's Birthday Party" at Blu.  We all went to the OU/Kansas game where I sat with TTM, and Sarah stole a random seat by us.  During half time she said our friend Jill was lonely so she went to sit with her {aka my mom picked her up and they went to Blu to set up}.  During the third quarter TTM was starting to get antsy, and said he was too hungry to stay at the game.  Totally normal.  If you have seen the snickers commercials where they guy turns into a diva, that is TTM.  He's still a growing boy! :) We headed out of the stadium, and headed towards the car.  I tried to convince him we should go to campus corner to get a swirl, but he said we just need to go to the restaurant.  As were walking I notice the spoon holder is all lit up.  You would think I would I have figured it out by now, or knew what was coming...totally clueless  I really don't think I really grasped what was happening until he was on one knee.  If I am being honest I was so shocked and overcome with emotion I have no idea what he said.  Sorry honey.  I guess I will always be a visual person...

He was nervous!

I don't remember kissing him...haha

Holy cow is that for me?

Ahhhhhh yes!!!!  I get to be his wife!  This is what happy looks like. 

So happy!

Now you might be wondering how we got such awesome pictures... My amazingly talented friend/cousin/MOH FLEW from her VACATION in FLORIDA to take pictures.  I am pretty sure the first thing I said to her "why aren't you in Florida? I saw pictures on facebook yesterday."  I feel so blessed to have good people in my life.  Meghann has her own photography business, and takes really gorgeous pictures! You can see here website HERE.   

Sarah's Birthday party ended up being an engagement celebration.  Sarah made all these fabulous decorations. 

My honey designed this perfectly.  OU red dress with boots.  :)

I was a little happy...haha

So excited friends could be there to help celebrate!

Love all these women!


How handsome is my Fiance???  Oh and my amazing parents drove up to be there!

My Honey thought of everything, and he had these two love birds help.  :)  Thank you Bleu and Amber for everything! 

I love my Momma.  

and my future Husband!!!

I have wonderful Men in my life.  

Thank you Meg for these AMAZING pictures.  I love them and you.  

Thank you Shaun for all the help and getting Meg to Norman! :)

Alright here is the date...

FEBRUARY 9, 2013

Yes, I am crazy...crazy in LOVE that is.  It was either February or late September.  So yeah, February it is!  I will try to share as much as possible, but until all the big things are checked of the list you might not hear from me!  :)

AHHHH I am so HAPPY to be MRS. JARRETT!!!!

I get to marry my BEST FRIEND.

He loves all of me.  

So blessed...


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