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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

DIY Nursery Side Table

I did a project, I did a project, I did a project, hey-hey-hey-hey!  Holy cow y'all, our house flip is mostly done!  I will be back later this week to share our finished garage room.  Get. Really. Excited!  Mack's room is my favorite room in our house.  So many sweet memories in there.  The only thing that drove me crazy in his room was that his books we not very accessible while I was sitting in the rocker. 

Look at that squishy baby, he is sitting still!  Those days are long behind us...  The side table we had in there was great before Mack started shot putting the lamp.  Then we only kept books on the table but they were always falling {or being thrown} off and that drove me crazy. 

 This is a super easy DIY that only cost me $15!  I knew I wanted to use a crate but I needed the table to be sturdy because of our little dustructo Mack. Most of the crates at Hobby Lobby and Home Depot are sturdy but they are too lightweight.  If you saw my {Chirstmas tree crate post} then you know that I found a bigger crate at JoAnns.  They have two different kinds so make sure you get the right one.

Nursery Side Table


Stain {I did a 50/50 combo of minawax jacobean & weathered oak}
Old Rags
Finishing Wax or polyurethane
4 Casters and Screws


1.  Stain your crate using an old rag.  You will need to wear gloves because staining between the slats gets a bit messy.

2.  Once your crate dries, seal it with wax or polyurethane. 

3.  Attach the casters and you're done!

I love this table because I can spin it towards me when we are reading books or when I don't want Mack to empty all of the contents.  :)

I'll be back to show you how this room turned out later this week!!!


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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mack's First Birthday

I don't know how it is possible but we have celebrated Mack's first birthday! We had such a fun day and most importantly Mack had a great day.  He had no idea why we had so many people at our house but he just toddled around investigating everything.  
Since motherhood has drained my brain of all things creative lately we went with a lumberjack themed party. #everybodyisdoingit The theme was perfect for Mack because we served pancakes {thank you Village Inn for making SIXTY pancakes} and eggs. Two foods that Mack has never turned down!  
I tried not to go too over the top with decorations but couldn't completely help myself.  Over Christmas I bought some red buffalo check wrapping paper that I used as a table runner.  Those burlap runners are from our rehearsal dinner which have turned out to be a good purchase! 
I wanted to somehow incorporate Mack's basket pictures and they fit perfect on a burlap banner I already had.  I looked everywhere for red buffalo check fabric for the banner and it was all sold out.  Because #everybodysdoingit :) I had to settle for gingham and I know I'm crazy because it really bothered me. haha  Up next is Mack's "smash" cake.  He was not interested... we have learned that he doesn't like getting his hands dirty...

and then he was DONE!

I also made cupcakes and forgot to take any pictures of them at the party... So this is the left overs 2 days later.  #hellowillpower
Alright y'all I am trying to brainstorm some non-mack posts... I so badly want to get back to some home remodel, decorating, DIYs and baking posts.  Moms that keep blogging with babies are something special!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Mack is 11 months old!

Ahhhh this post is SO late.  I blame this not on the ONE...or the TWO... but on the THREE stomach viruses we have ALL had since Thanksgiving.  I didn't know it was possible to have 3 different stomach viruses in one month, but I'm no doctor.  Onto cuter things...
Drum roll please.....



Who is that HUGE baby?!!  Mack is the cutest and sweetest 11 month old {plus 2 weeks} baby I've ever met.  I'm not biased at all... He took his first steps at the beginning of the month and is currently toddling everywhere.  He loves to raise his hands when you say touchdown, stick his tongue out, and gets really excited when Tall Tan Man comes home. 

Mack is working on two more teeth to add to his four top and two bottom teeth.  He does not handle teething well so I am not sleeping much these days!  Between all of the stomach bugs Mack discovered the awesomeness of Chick Fil A nuggets and cinnamon rolls.  He is definitely mine ;)  As for taking after Tall Tan Man, Mack is still "long and lean" according to his doctor.  12 month clothes are starting to be a little mid-drifty these days!  :)
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