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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dessert Stands

I personally believe a dessert stand must be as pretty as the dessert that is on it. I made both of these stands a couple months ago and have used them for a couple of showers I helped host.  I got the idea for this stand off of an Etsy Shop: E.Isabella Designs. This stand is made from a plate I found at Marshall's and a candle stick holder I found at an antique shop.

I used epoxy to attach the base, because I had some mishaps with super glue.  I really figured out epoxy holds when I fell down on the ice while caring this stand.  I was holding the base when the plate and my body slammed against the ground...I wish the plate was as strong as the epoxy:

This is another stand I made.  I had a super glue mishap with this one...It use to be taller, but the glue did not hold.  I almost like the new one better!

A view from the top:

I had a fabulous coworker ask me to make her a dessert stand last semester, and I have been a complete slacker...I finally got around to it this weekend!  Here are the materials you will need:
  • Pretty Plate
  • Candle Stick Holder
  • Epoxy
  • Sand Paper
  • Pen
  • Ruler

Sand the top of the candle stick holder that will be touching the plate.  You want to make sure you create a rough edge to help the base attach to the plate. 

Now find the center of your plate and mark it with a pen.  

    Then measured the diameter of the top of your base. Lets say your diameter was 8 cm, then you would measure 4 cm out from the center.  Place little tick marks where this is.  Now place the base on the plate, and make sure it looks accurate.  If you want to, you can put more tick marks to help you place your base.  

    Spread epoxy over the edges of the base (this area should be sanded).

    Place the base on the bottom of the plate (the place should be marked).  If I were to do this again, I would of had the plate upside down on the table, and placed the base onto it.  For some reason, I thought I should put the plate on the base, with the base upright...duh that was stupid.  :)

    After all that let the plate sit for a while.  I am overly cautious with how long I wait to move the stand.  I use a weight to make sure the plate is extremely secure. 

    Finished :)

    Grace, peace, and be sure to enjoy some sweets!


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    1. These look like they came from Anthro! So stinkin' cute!


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