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Monday, May 30, 2011

My Baseball-BBQ-Birthday Weekend!

 I had an amazing weekend!  My Tall Tan Man's team was in town so I got to watch some baseball, and spend some quality time with lots of wonderful people.  Thank you Kelli for coming to all the games with me!  Saturday night my good friends Jill and Sarah came for the game.  We had wonderful Mexican food at Christina's before the game.  Aren't they pretty?

On Sunday my family hosted a BBQ for a lot of the guys on the team!  I wish I would have taken pictures...I was busy hosting.  Be on the look out for yummy recipe posts this week.  :)  Today my Tall Tan Man and I went to breakfast at this great place in downtown Frisco called Fifth Street Cafe. 

The breakfast tacos were amazing!  Yep, I took a picture of my food before I ate it...I knew it was going to be good!

Here is a picture of my Tall Tan Man and I after the game.  I am a lucky girl :)  He helped me check off # 4 on my wish list!  I was really excited (I still am...)!  

I can't believe I turn 25 tomorrow...I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend.  Please don't forget why we celebrate Memorial Day.  I am most thankful for my Pawpaw on this day!  He fought in World War 2, Vietnam, and Korea.  He is the best looking 86 year old I know!

Have a great (LAST) week (OF SCHOOL)! I can do it...I will make it...I will survive. 

Grace, peace, and be sure to enjoy some sweets!


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