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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Beginnings in OKC

I am officially on SUMMER break!!!  Sorry to rub that in your face if you only get 2ish weeks off each year...If you don't think it is fair you could teach (I bet most of you just said "ha, yeah right").  I wonder sometimes how I survive an entire school year...Summer means my back no longer has any knots, and I am not having to wear under eye cream!  Before going to see my Tall Tan Man, I decided to stop in OKC to see my cousin and her hubby (she is 8 months pregnant...yay!).  It was a great trip, and of course it was filled with fabulous food.  We went to Big Truck Tacos, which is a restaurant that won the Food Network's first Food Truck Competition.  

We actually went twice...this was completely necessary.  The first time we went was for dinner, and when we saw the breakfast menu (my favorite meal of the day) we knew we would be returning.  Both times we ate there it was ridiculously good.  I believe breakfast burritos can be eaten anytime, any day, and for any meal.  This is one meal that both myself and Tall Tan Man love.  Hmmm maybe I should work on a recipe {note to self}. 

The restaurant is in an old drive in restaurant building.  For breakfast we ate outside on one of the many picnic tables.  When Meg and I went there for dinner to meet my dear friend Kristen it was way too hot to eat outside {gotta love Oklahoma summer}.  Tomorrow I am headed to Springdale, AR!  I am excited to see my Tall Tan Man, and catch up on some baseball!  Have a fabulous week!

Grace, peace, and be sure to enjoy some sweets!


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