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Monday, July 11, 2011

Frame with Felt Flowers

Do you love felt?  Well, if you have not worked with felt since elementary school you are missing out!  I bought this felt at Hobby Lobby or maybe Michael's...Sorry I can't remember {shame on me!}.  I started working with felt when I saw a bunch of blogs making yarn wreaths with felt flowers on them.  Here is my OU version {Boomer Sooner}:

This is what I needed to make my frame:

I had already made the pink flowers, and wrapped the picture frame with yarn.  I thought the yarn was a good idea, but it wasn't.  You can't really close the back of the frame.  Instead, you could paint the frame, or mod podge a solid color of paper.  On to making the felt flowers!  My first piece of felt I cut was about 3 by 3 in..  After that you will want to cut your edges like the picture below.  

You will now cut into the circle, and continue cutting in a spiral motion until there is a nickel size circle left {is the felt fuzzy or am I just taking bad pictures? :)}.  

Take the end that is not a circle, and begin forming your rose.  I don't know how to word this so I am just going to show you a picture:


Super glue the bottom of the flower to the left over circle.  As you can see there is some left over felt that you will need to cut that off.  Now arrange the flowers on your frame.  Use super glue to attach. 

I am happy! 


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