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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bathroom Decor and Organizing.

This was the first room in my apartment that was decorated.  Probably because it is the smallest room...All the other rooms are only half {or maybe a third} of the way done.  It might have been smarter to just pick one room and dive in...but I didn't.  I am to A.D.D. for that.  Back to the bathroom, I love organizing, I love wicker baskets, and I love chalk board paint.  I also love to ramble.  Here are the before pictures of the bathroom...

Complete chaos.  Here are the newly organized shelves.

A little bit of an improvement :)

I bought the towels at Home Goods.  Wicker baskets can be a little pricey, but found all three rectangular baskets for only $20.  Normally it would cost close to 36 bucks...and that is just silly.  I found these in Tulsa at a store called Gordmans.  We do not have these in Dallas.  I have also seen these baskets at Ross, T J Maxx, and Marshals for similar prices.

The two baskets on the bottom are from Ikea.  $10 each.  Perfect for my light and darks.  {I love how I put a comma after wonderfully made in the picture above...}

Decorating with books is something I do often.  These are old readers digest books my Grandmother had.   I also made the chalk board platter, and you can too with my TUTORIAL!

I got these jars and plate from Walmart. This idea is from my good friend over at Joyfully Created.

I still have 2 more projects for the bathroom.

I want to add some fabric to one of my towels to keep out on the rack.

This shower curtain is SO cute...I need to break out my sewing machine!

Happy bathroom organizing and decorating!



  1. how wonderful is this? Beautiful Leslie. Where are you when I need you with just moving. But don't you have to dust all the stuff on the bathroom shelves. I don't know that I would want to do that regularly.Is there anything in the baskets? It looks adorable.

  2. Thanks Vicki :) Yes, I do have to dust...but it isn't too bad in there. The baskets are very full... One has hair stuff, the other has nails stuff and the top one has things I don't use very often. :)


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