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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Felt Flower Wreath

I love rainy beckons my heart to lay on the couch, and take long naps.  Recently, I have been putting out my fall/halloween decorations in my apartment.  I am not really into hardcore Halloween {tombstone, dead people, and cob webs from a bag}.  I wanted to make a wreath that would wouldn't scream Halloween, but was different from an ordinary Autumn wreath. I found my initial inspiration from Katie over at {LITTLE THINGS BRING BIG SMILES}.  I really love here blog...I might have to make one just like hers for my Autumn wreath. is what I needed to make this:

  • Branch Wreath {$4.99 @ Michael and 40% off}
  • 10-12 black felt sheets {about $3}
  • Fall decor branches {already had}
  • Hot glue gun {and hot glue duh :)...already had}
  • Ribbon {already had}

As you can see my wreath only cost me $6 to make.  I am glad when craft projects are cheap, because I do not feel so bad if I hate it in the end...

1) Make the felt flowers.  This takes a while.  I cut each felt     sheet in fours, and used my same technique from my {FELT FLOWER FRAME}.  I made all my flowers first before without hot gluing.  

2) I glued the spiral to the bottom piece of the felt.  

3)  Glue flowers to the wreath, and added fall decor. 

4)  Tie the ribbon to back of wreath.

There is not great light in my hallway so I took the wreath to my back patio...sadly the ugly "please do not grill" sign is in the way.  {sigh} Apartment Living.

Have a wonderful Sunday!  Count down to see Tall Tan Man is 2 days {I haven't seen him since August 14...}!!!


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