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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

PW Flat Apple Pie

I love everything about pie.  Some people like the crust more than the filling or vice versa, but not me.  I love it all.  Just thinking about thick flakey crust with warm apples, and maybe some vanilla ice cream makes my mouth water.   I found this recipe in my Pioneer Woman {PW} cookbook. 


This book is fabulous.  If you are wondering what to get your friend that likes cooking for Christmas, get them this!  Another gift you could get for a friend that likes to bake is this apple peeler, corer, and slicer.  It is wonderful.  Even if you only make one apple pie or crisp a year it is totally worth it.  You can find it at Williams~Sonoma for $28.  It is absolutely fabulous.  

All you do is place you apple on the skewers.

Wind away!

Keep winding!

Ahhh beautiful.  This makes apple pie making MUCH easier.  

This recipe turned out delicious.  MmmMm I wish I had some left...but for the sake of my skinny jeans it is probably good that it is all gone.  Now, I might be lazy or I might be a little worried that copying a recipe straight out of cookbook might be plagiarism; so I am not going to put the recipe directly on my blog.   This would be a good questions for me to ask someone in the English Department {I am a high school math teacher if you were wondering}.  If you have any insight to this feel free to drop me a comment. I did find the recipe on someones blog {HERE}.  

This is really good.  I love the crust, and perfectly sweet apples.  Pioneer Woman does not fail me.  This Thanksgiving I got to spend some time with my Dad's side of the family.  I love them all.  The dynamics have changed over the years.  We now have some very precious babies...

I love these little ones.  Your heart cannot help to melt when they smile at you {am I being too cheesey?}.  I meant to get some more pictures of everyone, but I forgot.  We celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving {the day Tall Tan Man left...}, and I made it to dinner just in time.  The drive from Denver to Oklahoma City is a little brutal, especially because I was already missing my man.  Oh!  Speaking of my man.  I forgot to give him some A LOT of credit for helping me with my PHOTO WALL.  

 Well, it Tuesday.  Hope I make it to Friday with my sanity :)



  1. I personally don't know the blog etiquette for copying recipes, but my personal rule is if it's a tutorial that I used step by step of everything they did {or if I'm lazy} I'll just link to their blog {especially with PW since I copy every single thing she does, haha}. But if I do alter step or have a funny story along with it I'll make my own tutorial. For instance with my lamp shade, I definatly got that from Pinterest, but a did a few things differently. But all in all I think as long as you don't say I came up with this recipe on my own your good :) I am in apple peeler envy right now!!

  2. Thanks for the advice!!! I just don't wanted to get put in jail by Martha Stewart :) haha You should be in apple peeler envy! It is awesome!


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