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Friday, March 16, 2012

Chocolate & Butterscotch Cookies

Well hello there!  Can I just say that I love spring break...I am not really doing anything too exciting, but staycations can be pretty fabulous!  So far I have caught up on my sleep, worked on my tan, saw some of my family, and stayed on track with my half marathon training!  My friend/coworker Cathy made these Chocolate & Butterscotch cookies, and I looooooved them so much I had to make them.  You will need:

1 - 12oz bag of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
1 - 12oz bag of Butterscotch Chops
1 Bag Chow Mein Noodles
1/2 - 1 cup Unsalted Peanuts{add more if you heart feels like it}

In a microwave-safe bowl combine chocolate and butterscotch chips.  Start by melting the chips for 45 seconds then stir.  Then work at 15-25 second intervals (be careful, it is easy to burn the mixture). 

In a large bowl place 2 cups of chow mein noodles.  Pour the oh so fabulous melted chocolate/butterscotch into the same bowl.  Add more noodles until you get a good ratio.  Confession time.  When I made these I didn't have exact measurements so I just kept adding chow mein until the consistency was where I wanted it.  Also stir in the peanuts...

I know it looks a little gross, but your going to have to trust me...these are scrumptious.  Spoon 1/4 cup size cookies onto a cookie sheet that is covered with wax paper. 

I'm hungry.  Cookies for dinner tonight? 

If you are looking for an easy, and wonderful cookie recipe this one is for you!  Oh yeahhhh!  By the way, I do have a book recommendation {yes, I am a dyslexic that occasionally reads :)}... I am a sucker for a good love story. If you are too, then you will need to check out The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.

I read it in two days, and for me that is lightning speed.  I also blame this book for my sunburned back...  I am also super pumped for the movie {April 20, 2012}!!!

I'm a little sad that I finished the book, but it had to happen because I have been putting off making these {the inspired room is a fabulous blog}:

I hope they turn out as beautiful as the picture...


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