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Sunday, April 29, 2012


 I think I have found my new fitness addiction...After a couple years of a love/hate relationship with marathons {26.2 miles} I think I found a balance. My mom and I ran the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon this morning, and it went better than expected {for the both of us}!  I would much rather push my body with speed than distance.  This is the before the race picture, and it was super dark {gotta love 6:30 start times}.

Everyone waiting for the start!

It is always funny to me when people cheer for you by name, and I forget I have a "name tag"...

I finished before it started to rain.  Mom got soaked but that didn't stop her from RUNNING the ENTIRE race!  She is awesome!

Our feet hurt...

Ans our stomachs were grumbling!!! This is my feast from Cafe Plaid. My absolute favorite lunch place in the beloved Norman, Oklahoma. {sigh...}  Will I ever stop missing college?

The marathon is run in remembrance for the 168 that died in the Oklahoma City bombing.  Such a great experience to see these lives being remember with this race.  



  1. Girl I am so with you on the love/hate marathon relationship! I'm trying to work on my speed right now too. Congrats on your race!!!!

  2. look at you....turned into a little distance runner! So proud!

  3. Thanks Jill!!! I loved the half way more than any of my fulls! Lyndsy- I still occasional try to hurdle over random things to make sure I still got it :) I do love distance though...

  4. Stopping by from House of Smith's... love your adorable photo-a-day pics from April. Super jealous that you did a race with your mom; that would be a blast!


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