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Monday, May 14, 2012

Workin' on my FITNESS

If you read my last post you saw that I am crusin' again this summer!!!  I work with two of the awesome ladies that are going on the cruise, and we decided to make "maygoals" to get us in tip top shape. Yes, one word.  Pronounced: MAY-GULS. 

As you can see some other people joined in, which is making it more fun {and competitive}!  Each of us set 3 goals that can be measured.  I thought about making this goal:

...but I am not really sure how you can assess that.  Instead, one of my goals each week I need 3 ab workouts, 3 high cardio sessions, and 3 weight training classes.   My gym, 24 hour,  offers Body Pump which is an AWESOME weight training class {i LOVE it}, and Nike Training Camp which make me feel hard core.  Please don't be one of those women that thinks lifting weights will make you big & bulky {unless you start lifting crazy heavy weights, and eating an excessive amount of protein}.  My second goal is only one sweet a week.  This one has been tough...Week one Kelli and I both got a dessert from Fifth Street Cafe {my favorite breakfast place in Frisco}, and split them so we got two different things! 

Week two was a Buntini from Nothing Bundt was ridiculously wonderful. 

My body did go into a little bit of a sugar shock after both of these.  I might need to tone it down this week.  Alright enough talk about sweets.  I am pretty sure sugar is what sabotages my diet regularly.  My last goal is to lose 1 lb per week.  For some reason my "off track" fall, and winter habits didn't stop this spring.  I invested in some new workout clothes {please don't just my funny face...I was trying to look fierce...didn't work well}.

The tops in the left and top right picture are from Dick's Sporting Goods.  The raspberry top is Nike, and the blueish one is Under Armor.  The orange/peach top is my favorite!  I just recently discovered Old Navy carries workout clothes.  This top was only $15, which is super cheap for workout tops!  My next purchase will be legs are tell me I need new shoes.  

Alright...I'm off to watch Once Upon A Time!  :)  THREE WEEKS left of school.  Please pray that I am full of patience, and excitement!  Ya'll have a fabulous week.:)


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