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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blog Facelift

It is about dang time I did some updating on my blog.  I am pretty sure I had not update my pages {the tabs on the top of the page} in years...  I really had been putting off updating the Crafts page the longest, because I knew it would totally kick my butt.  And it did, took me pretty much all day.  Yay for being a teacher with summers off!!!  Sorry, don't hate me.  :)  I finally organized everything under categories so if you wanted to find something you could.  

I made a couple holiday sections:

And lastly if you know me well I had to have a random section... I can be a spaz at times. 

Alright, thanks for stopping by.  Sorry for the boring post about my new page, but I am super pumped how it turned out!  You should check it out!!! Hopefully your web browser likes it {not sure how the mobile version will turn out}.  Have a happenin' Friday!


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