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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sources from our Sun Room

Hi there!  Here are some of the sources from Tuesday's post.  As you will see, we should totally be friends if you are a walk around the outside aisle of target {where all the sales are}, and refuse to pay full price for anything. :)

Our World Market {Metal Orb Chandelier} might be my new favorite decor item in our house.  Isn't it lovely?  World Market currently has it priced at $119 which is 20% off the normal the normal price.  We lucked out because we got the chandelier when all the lighting was 25% off. 

I totally died {I can be a little dramatic} when I saw our metal chairs on Craig's List.  I talked the seller down to $25, which I was pretty proud of.  :)

The {Chevron Rug} was another lucky purchase from Target.  It is an indoor/outdoor rug which I thought would be perfect for under the kitchen table.  At the end of the summer I crossed my fingers {and checked the outdoor section a million times a week} until it went on sale.  I waited until it was marked down twice...from $250 to $58!!! 

We have had this {Indonesian Daybed} from World Market for about a year and still love it.  I love how unique and comfy it is.  :)  

Tall Tan Man built us this {coffee table} last year, because the one I had before was a bit girly. 

Let me know if you have an questions or suggestion on what to do to our UGLY floor!



  1. I've seen a lot of painted concrete. You could paint a fun design, stripes, chevron, etc!

  2. That chandelier makes for a great focal point in the center of your sun room. I'm sure it's serving you well as an ice breaker every time a guest is lounging around. Anyway, I love how cozy your sun room looks. It seems like you've hit the jackpot with every accessory and furniture you found over time. Thanks for sharing that, LJ! All the best to you! :)

    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass Service, Inc.


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