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Thursday, February 19, 2015

how to update Ikea curtains that have loops

Hello people!  Sorry I have been so MIA... I am already screwing up my {New Years Resolutions}.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks, but we're suppose to get 15 inches of snow this weekend so I will be hunkered down!  I am really excited about it!!! We have been working really hard on the sun room this last month and it is looking SOOO much better.  Tall Tan Man has been doing a ton of dry walling and I have been sewing... I am glad he loves me.  :)  I bought plain white panels from Ikea, because I needed 6 panels and they are only $20 per pair.  When I hung them up they looked so saggy and unfinished.  I found {this tutorial} and decided they would look more finished if I got rid of the loops. 

FYI: This project is fast and does not take any advanced sewing skills.  

On the first panel I pinned the loops before sewing them down.  Then I decided not to waste my time pinning them and it worked just fine!

You will sew the loops down along the already existing hem.  This creates the new loop you will use to hang the curtains.  

What do you think?

Lots of snow on the ground makes it almost impossible to take pictures of windows... Anyway, I think these new finished curtains helped our room look so much more finished!

I am hoping to show you a couple more pictures of the sun room this weekend!  I hope you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!


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