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Thursday, September 22, 2016

8 months old!!!

How is our sweet boy already 8 months old!?!  He is into everything and all of sudden our house is completely not baby friendly.  Why do babies love outlets, cords and stairs?  Mack has a funny crawl, it is a cross between a bear crawl and normal crawl.  Don't you worry, I already googled this to make sure it wasn't an indication for something serious.  Of course the second websites title was "does a funny crawl = autism?"  Don't worry..It Doesn't!!!  Sometimes I really wish we didn't have google...  Mack is pulling up but not cruising yet.  Last week at Target, Mack started really jabbering, I think it is because he loves Target just as much as me.  I love hearing his voice and can't wait to hear all that he has to say.


He hasn't really grown out of clothes this month.  At the start of the month he only had about 4 shirts that fit and I knew if I bought more shirts he would have a growth spurt.  Needless to say, I caved and bought him some more shirts and I'm glad I did because he is still the same size!

FYI these pictures are not quiet as easy to get as they use to be :)

Mack Attack still loves ceiling fans and trees, but now has an unhealthy obsession for tennis shoes and sunglasses.  He also very rarely smiles for strangers which makes grocery shopping interesting.  :) On an unrelated note, I hope to be back this week to share about how we updated our doors!  Y'all better get excited because tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!


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