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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Details on our DIY Giant Pegboard!

Hello! This pegboard has been up for almost a week and I have some good news.  It hasn't fallen off the wall and Mack hasn't taken one thing off the bottom shelf!  Win-Win!  We used {Vintage Revivals Tutorial} as a guide, but tried a couple different things.  I am not totally convinced my changes were easier/better so if you decide to do this project you'll have to make that call!

Here are the 2 things we did differently {make sure you read Vintage Revivals tutorial first, it's AWESOME}:

1.  We decided not to use a normal pegboard as a hole guide.  I saw this as an unnecessary cost.  The normal pegboard sheet was $18 and its only purpose was to mark where all the holes go.  I preferred to buy more decor for the shelves with that money!  Now if you don't mind the expense, having the normal pegboard would've made the project easier.

2.  I would say the two hardest parts of the project were drilling perfect 90 degree angles {so your dowels/shelves aren't crooked} and then, drilling 96 of them.........  I thought Vintage Revivals method for drilling perfect angles was great but I thought I had a better idea.  Not sure if I was right... 

I really wanted to do this project all on my own but I wasn't able to keep the drill steady with our guide we made from a 2x2.  Thankfully, Tall Tan Man has a steadier hand than me and was able to drill the 90's with our guide.  All of the measurements were kept the same like I was using a normal pegboard then I marked both sides of my plywood every 6 inches {after the initial 3 inch mark}.  Then Tall Tan Man drilled away!  We definitely recommend using a 1″ Forstner Drill Bit!

Please let me know if you have any questions!  This project is very doable and took us only two nights to complete.  Good luck!!!



  1. Super cool! Love how you made your own peg board. May have to enlist my husband to do the same. Visiting from Totally Terrific Tuesday party.

  2. What a good idea... and a unique look. :)

  3. I love this pegboard so much! So thrilled to include it in my DIY Favs for the ORC. Congrats on a great makeover. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  4. I love your peg board. This will be my feature for Totally Terrific Tuesday tomorrow. Also don't forget we have an Instagram challenge going on #tuesdaydwellings. You can read about it on my Instagram page @savvyapron. Come join us.

  5. Great tips Leslie - it turned out great! I'll be featuring your fabulous giant peg board this Wednesday at House of Hollingsworth Blog. xx


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