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Monday, September 25, 2017

Leap of Faith - Refinishing Furniture

 I have been thinking about refinishing furniture for profit for some time now and I am FINALLY doing it!!!  Do you ever have ideas you think are silly or you're too embarrassed to try something new?  Welp, that's me.  I think it was one my worst characteristics.  I want to have more confidence to chase dreams and be willing to fail...

Am I the only one that struggles with this? Anyone?  

I shared all this on my Insta stories last week and I already had someone respond that wanted to buy the table!  SAY WHAT!?!  I am so excited!  Now, I am back to stalking Craigslist for more tables to update.   Here is the before of the table:

And now!

Now do I call this starting my biz or just a hobby?  I guess it will just depend on how all this goes.  Be confident Leslie!!!  

Alright y'all, have a fantastic week and let's try something new!
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