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Monday, October 30, 2017

Fast and Easy Halloween Brownies

Hello!  If you're like me then you're usually playing catch up.  Yesterday I wanted to throw together a cute halloween recipe and this one turned out perfect!  I saw this idea in my Martha Stewart Magazine and it takes almost no time.  #mykindofrecipe

I use the term "recipe" loosely because all you do is make a box of brownies and add broken Oreos half way through the baking process.  After the brownies were done I broke off the ends of some candy corn for my monster eyes.  You could also use melted white chocolate.  To add some color I filled in the open spots with candy corn.  I never knew candy corn was such a hot topic and some people hated them!?  I usually don't discriminate against any sugar substance.  :)

Happy Halloween!
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  1. These halloween brownies are delicious! the cook did a phenomenal job with this. if you love brownies, this recipe is just perfect for you! it tastes great and is so easy to make!


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